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All gay-rights bills in Utah Legislature dead ›

After a last-resort effort to move an anti-discrimination bill out of the Senate rules committee failed, all gay-rights legislation in the Utah legislature is essentially dead.


Several legislators objected to the bill because they said there was no data shown to indicate a non-discrimination act was necessary. However, at the beginning of the session, Equality Utah delivered a report to each legislator that detailed discrimination in Utah based on a year-long survey. The survey found that 44 percent of gay people in Utah had been fired or denied a job because of their sexual orientation. That percentage jumped to 67 percent of transgender Utahns.

Forty-four percent of gay people and 67% of transgender people.

We need ENDA now. It is too important to keep being put on the back burner.

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[Montana] 2011 Legislature: GOP lawmakers to introduce anti-abortion bills ›

Jesus, Montana Republicans. Get a fucking grip. You’ve already failed at this personhood thing twice now.







Conservative Calif. County Appeals Prop. 8 Decision ›


Officials in Southern California’s Imperial County, where 70% of voters supported Proposition 8 in 2008, have appealed Judge Vaughn R. Walker’s decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger to the U.S. court of appeals for the ninth circuit.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Imperial County board of supervisors voted 4-1 to approve the appeal, though Walker has previously denied the county’s attempt to intervene in the suit.

The legal team representing two gay couples who sued the state had argued in court filings that Imperial County does not have standing to sue. “Imperial County fails to satisfy any of the requirements for intervention as of right,” the attorneys wrote to the court in December. “Its motion is indisputably untimely, and it lacks any cognizable interest in this case — much less a significantly protectable one.”

Legal observers have questioned whether Prop. 8 proponents including, which argued in favor of the ballot measure at trial after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declined to defend it, have standing to appeal the decision to the ninth circuit.

Imperial County is represented by Advocates for Faith and Freedom, a Murrieta, Calif.–based organization. “California voters have the right to vote pursuant to their religious and moral beliefs,” the group said in a statement posted on its website. “Judge Walker’s determination that Proposition 8 lacked a rational basis is contrary to both well-established precedent and democratic principles.”

Disgusting. I’m sad that I’m like 20 miles away from this county right now.

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I’m the whitest guy you will ever meet. The first time I saw an African American, my dad had to tell me to stop staring.

Glenn Beck (via azspot)

I don’t even have words anymore for this man’s idiocy.

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alexander ryking: Faux "News" dealt HUGE defeat. But not really. ›

Yesterday, CREDO Action was cheering the “huge” defeat it claimed to have handed to Faux News, by being part of a campaign in which nearly half a million people told the White House Correspondents Association to deny the anti-American propaganda channel Helen Thomas’ former (and highly coveted)…

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Arizona Senator John McCain supports immigration reform that would deport illegal immigrants ›

Arizona Sen. John McCain has a message for illegal residents of his state: Go back where you came from.

I have a message for you, John McCain: STFU.

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Fair Wage Program Ignites Fox News Hysteria - Progressive Democrats of America ›

It seems like Fox News, always on the ball, just discovered the “We Can Help” outreach initiative the Labor Department launched in early April to inform workers about their pay rights and put a stop to wage theft. Faux News is now ranting against the department’s efforts to enforce the nation’s wage and hour laws.
We Can Help is a multilingual campaign aimed at low-wage and vulnerable workers with a special focus on reaching employees in such industries as construction, janitorial work, hotel/motel services, food services and home health care. It also will address such topics as rights in the workplace and how to file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division to recover wages owed.

Now poor people shouldn’t even get what’s owed to them?




Glenn Beck to Hold Tea Party Rally on Anniversary of MLK Speech: How Conservatives Are Trying to Hijack Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream ›

Only a few weeks after whitewashing the entire slave trade by falsely claiming our Founding Fathers were both black and white, Glenn Beck is on another mission: the Fox news host is planning a massive “take our country back” Tea Party rally at the Lincoln Memorial—on the anniversary of the day Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech.
Beck’s publicity event pulls the rug out from under civil rights champions who planned a rally honoring King’s memory on that day, but they are organizing to fight back. “We’re going to get together because we are not going to let Glenn Beck own the symbolism of Aug. 28, 2010,” said National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial. “We need to collaborate and bring together all people of good will, not just black people, on Aug. 28 to send a message that Glenn Beck’s vision of America is not our vision of America.”

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